2021 New Year’s Resolutions

“Exercise more!”
– Angel Cullen,

“Live a healthier lifestyle –
get back to fitness.”
– Dazmine Black,
Social Services

“This is going to be the year
for me! I am always doing for
others before me – it sounds selfish but 2021 is mine!”
– Karen Baxter, RN, DON

“Spend more time
with family and friends.”
– Leigh Newman,
Director of Therapy

“Eat more healthy
and exercise.”
– Robbin Baldwin,
Nurse Practitioner

“Work less!”
– Victor Roque, RN

“Try to bring more fun events to MNR and the community, exercise more, have more fun
with family and friends…
there is a lot on my list!”
– Doug Rodgers,

“Spend time with
friends, focus on college.”
– Carson O’Guin,
Hospitality Aide

“Focus on school
and good grades!”
– Lexi Fergurson,
Hospitality Aide

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