Ways to Help You Relax: Relaxation Day is August 15

— Stressed out? Fatigued? Or simply having a bad day? It’s time to relax! Here are five easy ways to help you stress less and relax more: Stretch out on your back or sit comfortably where you are. Slowly move through your body tightening and flexing as you go until you reach your face and neck,... Read More

Noodle Ball!

— The residents FAVORITE GAME has to be noodle ball! They enjoy swinging pool noodles at different objects or balloons. It is such a fun time – and you get a great work out, too!


— The residents had a great time with the new bubble machine! It seems like there were thousands of bubbles on the porch and it had everyone smiling from ear to ear. Bubbles are one of those things enjoyed from people of all ages!

Water Day Highlights

— The residents and staff had another fun water day! There were water balloons, water guns, contests, and more! Everyone enjoyed being in the sun and laughing!

A Letter from the Administrator

— 2022 seems to be going by so quickly! Here it is already August and we are having a great summer so far. From bubbles to water balloons, our staff and residents seem to be enjoying the sunshine! We have an exciting month planned – ice cream, corn, and watermelon are all on the menu as... Read More

Food Choices for Summertime

— A lot of things change when the weather gets warm. One of them is how we eat. No one wants to be loaded down by a heavy meal in their stomach. When the weather gets warmer, we want our meals to be as light as our clothing. But can we still feel full when we... Read More

National Dance Day

— Dancing is a way of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking pleasure in the movement itself. In 2010 National Dance Day was created by American Dance Movement co-founder Nigel Lythgoe and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, and was originally created to promote a different form of entertainment as well as physical fitness.... Read More

Give Something Away Day is July 15

— Many people have an overabundance of items, and some have spare time that could be used to help others, but giving away possessions or time often isn’t made a priority in day-to-day life. National Give Something Away Day was first established in 2015 for the purpose of encouraging generosity, and it takes place each year... Read More

Bible Study

— Along with Miss Linda’s Bible Study, we have other clergy that volunteers their time to preach and provide prayers to residents and staff. They come from many churches and organizations in the tri-state and we are all so very thankful!

A Letter from the Administrator

— Sweet Summertime is Here – and so is the heat! With the exception of the recent heat wave, Activities has been keeping everyone busy with games, crafts, and fun. We are looking forward to celebrating July 4th with patriotic songs and balloons. Of course, we will have our monthly water balloon fight and that is... Read More