Priceless Collections

From postcards, to coins, stamps, plates, baseball cards, albums, figurines and even thimbles, the makings of an un-intentional collection could be right under your nose. According to a Nielsen survey, one in ten collectors developed an interest in the hobby by slowly acquiring similar or sets of items over time, and only later decided to establish and showcase their acquired collections.

Use the following suggestions to enhance your collection:

Be picky – It’s okay to pass on pieces that aren’t necessarily attention grabbers. Waiting for that personal “wow” aspect really helps to give each piece in a collection a unique value.

Become familiar – Research the collection before beginning the hunting and buying process. The more knowledgeable one is, the better the chance of getting a great deal on the price.

Budget – Along with researching the details on each piece, know what others are paying for it and one’s own personal budget.

Of course, the value of any collection goes well beyond the value of each item for most collectors. Some collections are a lifelong hobby, filled with personal fulfillment and memories about each item that are then passed on for generations, making them priceless.

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