Letter from the Administrator

Recently I found myself in a home improvement store in the next town trying to purchase something with the help of a sales associate only to find out when I got to the register to check out, it was the wrong size. After trying to help me to get the right size it was brought to my attention that it was not in stock but it could be ordered and in the store within ten days where I could pick it up.

Waiting for almost two weeks, I made a trip to pick up my order only to find they had not received it yet. So I waited for another couple of weeks and made another trip only to find it still wasn’t there. Patience runs thin after a while and asked why I hadn’t received it and why I had made two trips and still came home empty-handed. Could I not be called so I didn’t have to make trips only to discover my order still wasn’t there.

Finally, someone took the initiative, researched to see where one was available, found it and was having it shipped to my home. Bad, bad and then finally GOOD customer service.

We have always prided ourselves as having good customer service. We feel there is always room for improvement no matter how good you are. To some families we are wonderful and to others well…

During the next few months, we will be working to improve our customer service from appearance to face-to-face interactions. We want our residents and families to know we care and we want to treat you like family. We want you to want to recommend us to your other family and friends.

Customer Service is not a department, it is an attitude and we want to have a great attitude!

Mary Wood, Administrator

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