Letter from the Administrator

We have been focusing on where we want our facility to be. Doing that we sometimes need to take a look back as to where we have come from. We have evolved into a much more modern-looking facility though not perfect by any means. Our walls with the dated wallpaper has been upgraded to modern painted walls with décor that stepped out into the new millennium.

Over the last few years we have managed to have televisions installed for every bed and no longer required residents to furnish their own. Instead of having our residents to pay for installation and a monthly charge, we now have satellite for all and even upgraded to include channels like SEC for those who like the ballgames.

Flooring and lighting has made the facility less institutional and more cozy and warm. The furniture in our family room and lobby looks like something in any home. Our breakroom has been transformed into a kitchen that anyone would be proud to have in their home.

We’ve come a long way but still have ways to go. Drop by and check out the changes and you are always welcome, my friend!

Thank you.

Mary Wood, Administrator

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