Letter from the Administrator

Made that New Year’s resolution yet? Kept it until now?

Resolutions are hard to keep but we have made customer service our New Year’s Resolution for 2018.

We want to strive to give nothing but quality care, a warm smile, pleasant conversation, encouraging words and positive results.

We want you to be a part of that plan. We want you to share any concerns and possibly solutions to those concerns when something needs to addressed. We value the time residents and families take to let us know the good as well as the bad.

Be a part of our family council meetings and attend care plan meetings with family members (residents, too).

Take time to say, “thank you,” “good job,” or ask “can I help you with something?” That goes for every one of us, including staff to other staff.

It’s amazing just how far “please” and “thank you” goes the days.

Mary Wood, Administrator

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