Letter from the Administrator

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Happy May!

Now that the cold weather is behind us, we can start enjoying the outdoors a little more. Residents and staff alike have been taking advantage of our spacious front porch to relax and enjoy the warmth. Some of our residents even eat alfresco – and they love it! The flowers are blooming and the gardens are getting worked. Most of our residents love the taste of fresh vegetables, and we can’t wait to get ahold of some ripe garden tomatoes in the coming months.

Many of our residents have fond memories of their summers growing up. Ponds, gravel roads, barns, frogs, and lots of stories about lightning bugs (or fireflies if that’s what you call them). One of our residents grew up in the country and can remember a milk man delivering milk to her house. Another remembers milking cows and collecting eggs. Such fascinating memories!

We continue to make memories at MNR and as you will see throughout this newsletter and on the activity calendar, we

have plenty going on! From the Kentucky Derby Party to the Mother’s Day Breakfast and everything in between. Join us for

a fun-filled May!

Mary Wood, Administrator

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