Letter from the Administrator

We want to thank our residents and their families for their response to our satisfaction surveys. The surveys are our report cards and remain our report cards until the next survey. We strive for good customer service and quality care and you rose to the occasion for us by giving us an overall satisfaction rating 94.44% and 97.30% would recommend us.

We send a survey with our short term residents when they are discharged home and with those we got a 100% overall satisfaction rating with 100% of them recommending a stay with us.

We thank you for you taking your time to say something nice. We appreciate the kind words and your thoughts during the survey. You do not have to wait until survey time. If something is not to your satisfaction (no matter how small) we encourage you to take the time to let us know and try to make it right if we can.

Again, thank you residents and family members.

Mary Wood, Administrator

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