Happy Birthday Wishes!

various colored party balloons and ribbons

Happy Birthday to our amazing Residents!
Billy H. November 02
Winnie W. November 02
Sandra W. November 03
Grace C. November 04
Jeff P. November 04
Phyllis G. November 07
Charles W. November 11
Richard B. November 13
Delbert F. November 19
John W. November 23
Peggy R. November 28

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Staff!
Joey B. November 01
Amy M. November 06
Tara O. November 07
Andrea W. November 08
Tina C. November 11
Rachael C. November 14
Hope S. November 16
Tamara R. November 18
Angel C. November 18
Katie S. November 21
Kristen B. November 24
Leigh E. November 25

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