Easy Pumpkin Crafts

illustrated pumpkins in orange yellow and light pink with green stems

Paint a Pumpkin: Pumpkin carving can be messy, difficult, and sometimes dangerous. Instead, use some permanent markers or acrylic paint to make your pumpkin look like a monster, clown, or other Halloween character. The smaller “pie pumpkins” or even the mini-pumpkins will work perfectly for this craft.

Collage Pumpkins: Cut out a 5-7 inch pumpkin shape from card stock paper or use a paper plate to get started. Next, look through old magazines to find pages with orange, green, and black, and tear them out. Use small ripped pieces of the colored pages to glue onto your pumpkin shape. Cover your pumpkin in collaged bits of orange scraps. Then use the green pieces to add a stem and black pieces to make a face. If magazines are unavailable, use tissue or construction paper to collage your pumpkin craft.

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