Christmas Letters from the Team

christmas tree decorated with red ribbons and red glass balls

This is one of my favorite times of the year! The magic of Christmas and the memories always brighten my day. I remember neighbors putting lights outside – some tackier than others – but it still worked for some reason. I remember the wonderful break from school – even though it was only 2 weeks, it felt like a month. Visits with my grandparents, the great food, the laughs, the love. I remember listening to the radio on Christmas Eve and hearing Santa had been spotted locally and being so nervous that I wouldn’t fall asleep. I remember people bringing fudge, cookies, breads and fruit – mostly homemade. If it happened to snow, I remember sledding until my nose and fingers were frozen but telling my mom I was just fine. The hot chocolate, warmth of a fire, and just hanging out with everyone. I even went Christmas caroling a few times! It was a much simpler time, but I loved every minute of it.

-Doug Rodgers, Admissions & Marketing Director

Christmas is a reminder of what truly matters in life – love and family. Now that I have children of my own, I can appreciate the generations before me and how special they made my Christmas each year.

-Leigh Newman, Director of Therapy

Christmas time as a kid, for me, meant Christmas parties at school that my mom would always come and bring snacks. It also meant unlimited play time in the snow with my brother, because we didn’t care about frozen hands and feet. I remember wearing Christmas sweaters and me and my brother sitting in front of the tree shaking the presents to try to guess what it was. I remember going to my grandparents house and having Christmas on thanksgiving because they left for Florida in November every year. I also remember wearing coveralls with so many clothes underneath that I couldn’t move if I fell in the snow and riding the lawnmower around in the snow with my dad and brother. I remember sledding with my dad and brother on old metal sleds that were so fast. The best time was sitting in the living room with my parents and brother watching the news, because the news always had a Santa Tracker. My brother and I both would run to our rooms and try so hard to fall asleep. Waking up Christmas morning to see all the presents under the tree was an amazing feeling that I will always remember. The magic of Christmas as a child is something I will never forget and have done the same for my children every year. The magic of Christmas lives on in our home!

-Wendy Delaloye, Interim Director of Nursing

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