Therapy Success Story

Connie M. admitted to MNR with restrictions for non-weight bearing, difficulty to provide herself appropriate daily care, decreased safety awareness. and poor nutrition. While non-weight bearing, she worked hard to adjust to therapy routines. She was able to improve her daily nutritional intake and began to target areas of self-care for herself. As she became more cooperative with therapy, she started noticing improvement for herself, and became more motivated to reach her short-term goals. Weight bearing status was finally granted and she was able to participate more functionally in all areas of therapy. During her stay, she was able to gain enough to strength to transition from sitting edge of bed to upright in a wheelchair, then able to propel herself in wheelchair and finally up to using a rollator independently. After demonstrating appropriate self-care and medicine management, in addition to her overall strength improvement, Connie was able to discharge home. We are excited and proud of Connie's success, and wish her well at home!

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