Get Active in the Great Outdoors

extended family walking in park holding hands

During National Great Outdoors Month, there are numerous events and activities that take place throughout the country. Whether it is a bike ride, a hike on a trail, or even a simple walk in the park, enjoy the wonders of the great open air. The best way to start celebrating is by making a list of fun things to do outside:

Try some of these light activities to get you started:

  • Go fishing
  • Visit a local park to birdwatch
  • Take a walk with a friend
  • Tend a garden or plant flowers
  • Enjoy lunch outside
  • Play lawn games

Feeling more ambitious? Try some of these activities:

  • Plan a stargazing date
  • Go camping: enjoy a campfire and s’mores
  • Go for a swim in the ocean or nearby lake
  • Take that boat out on the lake for a day
  • Go for light to moderate hike with friends
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